Hotel Management – Overview

WHG Hotel Management Company, headquartered in Boston, MA is a full-service third party management company. We manage hotels throughout the U.S, Morocco and the Middle East and provide clients with the best possible service in all areas of hotel real estate and management to maximize cash flow and return on investment.

Hotel Executive Management – Miami, FL – Washington, DC – Marrakech, Morocco


Westin Hospitality Group, specializes in management contract, asset management and operational consulting for clients such as investment groups, owners and operators and institutional owners. Our team strives to maximize the interest level of the operator and productivity levels of your property’s staff to increase cash flow.


Executive Managing Director
Tel.: +212 6 61 08 31 10

  • We help you develop realistic goals for your property and encourage their implementation. We begin by getting to know your property, staff and market, and conducting property visits to help your team carry out the business plan.
  • We provide detailed market plans, budgets and capital improvements when appropriate. Periodic reports keep corporate staff apprised of progress and areas needing attention.
  • We ensure that the physical maintenance and capital expenditures to improve the property are completed. We can oversee redecorating and refurbishing to enhance market appeal and operating efficiencies.
  • We motivate your employees with human resources procedures that create a sense of belonging.
  • We negotiate volume purchasing agreements to help you maintain consistency and cost controls.
  • Our web-based hotel centralized accounting and accounts payable with ADP payroll systems are widely regarded.
  • For management contract clients, we offer reasonable base management fees, a mutually agreeable incentive management fee, and term lengths and cancellation clauses focused to your needs.