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Nigel David TURNER

Westin Hospitality Group is an International Consulting & Valuation company with offices in Boston,Marrakech and Dubai. In these challenging times, relying solely on national or international hotel market trends can produce an inaccurate or unfavorable picture. Changing markets and variances in neighborhood and real estate values can cause fluctuations in how a hotel is valued. Hotel owners and potential owners must be able to plan with confidence when investing in hotel real estate, and the most up-to-date and precise information is necessary. That’s why we create an appraisal or feasibility report based on the unique potential for your hotel and data from your specific market – specifics essential to establishing accurate value.
Our database of hotel information – combined with our broad insight and extensive experience, enables WHG Consulting & Valuation Services to produce well-documented appraisal reports with fully supported value conclusions to hold up under intense scrutiny and achieve their intended results.


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  • Whether you are an owner, developer, operator, investor, lender, industry association, convention and visitor bureau or public agency, your project will attract the immediate attention it deserves when accompanied by an WHG consulting report.
  • We advise in the development of new hotels, and work with developers, architects and other development team members to conceptualize the optimal lodging product for a particular site.
  • Our services include expert reviews of property tax assessments tailored to the hotel industry. An accurate, up-to-date valuation of a hotel’s real property assessment takes current market conditions into account to help you make reductions in this costly expense category.
  • Our professional staff of consulting and valuation associates has extensive experience in providing expert analysis and testimony on a wide variety of topics from damages and management competency, to contracts and agreements and hotel industry standards.
  • We continuously monitor every major hotel market and track the latest economic trends.
  • The unique needs of each client are met because we structure our assignments to meet your timing needs and other requirements. We stand alone in our support for investors and operators both who are new to this marketplace and to those who have vast experience in hospitality.

Our specialized valuation services include

  • Real estate tax assessment appeals and expert court testimony at certiorari proceedings
  • Valuation prior to flotation or public offering of shares
  • Valuations of related hospitality facilities, including restaurants, casinos, timeshares and ski resorts
  • Quantification of damages from a loss in value
  • Purchase price allocations among real estate, personal property, and intangibles to establish property tax basis and accounting records
  • Valuations of hotel management and franchise companies

Additional services include

  • Feasibility studies on income and/or return on investment
  • Valuations, market value estimates, investment value estimates and fractional interest valuations
  • Development consulting and project management
  • Market audits and promotional strategies
  • Physical asset assessment
  • Management contract analysis and negotiation
  • Operator selection and management company search
  • Franchise evaluation and selection
  • Financial damages estimates
  • Sales and marketing package preparation
  • Lease reviews and negotiations
  • Strategic advice and company restructuring

Achieving Outstanding Results for You

  • Our associates have certified valuation training and on-site hotel operations experience to provide them with a working knowledge of how hotels work and should perform in their respective markets. Most have degrees in hotel management from top hotel schools. Our extensive consulting and valuation services draw upon our staff’s broad insight and experience to produce well-documented appraisal reports with fully supported value conclusions.